This little light's POLICIES



This Little Light is open to children ages 10 and under. Due to space we are only able to accommodate young ones. Children any older are welcome to join in service! 

Check in/ Check out: 

Each child that comes must check in and out for the guarantied safety of your child. Upon check in we will give you a number that corresponds to your child. Upon pick up you will present this number so we can give your child to the proper recipient. We also want to be able to stay in communication with you in case a emergency may arise during service. This is done through texting, when you check in your child leave your number so we may alert you if needed. 


Your child's safety is our upmost priority! Because of this only volunteers and parents of checked in children may be present in our designated children’s area. 


If your child is diaper age it is is completely up to you wither or not you would like us to change your child. If not we will simply text you if your child needs changing and you can come back and change your child yourself. Only female volunteers are allowed to change diapers and help with bathroom needs.